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In-Line Process Monitoring Instruments for Measuring Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Content in Carbonated Drinks, Beers, Ciders and Soft Drinks

Carbotec TR-PT

Measuring range: 0 - 10 g of gas per litre of liquid  

Response time: </= 20 sec.

Temperature compensation: PT 100


Operating Temperature: Standard: -10°C to +100°C

Pressure range: up to 10 bar g. Max.

Process connections: Varivent© Clamp - DN40(1.5") - DN150 (6")

Materials in product contact: 1.4404 (316L) s/steel, PTFE. US FDA conforming

Electrical Supply: 24 V DC 1.5 amp

Enclosure: IP 65. Case material: Aluminium (epoxy power coated)


Accurate instruments to determine the concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide in carbonated beers, ciders, soft drinks and sparkling water. Manufactured in Germany

Applications: In-line instruments to measure the concentration of dissolved CO2 after carbonation in beer, cider, soft drinks and sparkling water. Normally used as part of a carbonation system.

Installation: In-Line sensors with ample I-O for superb process control

Operating principle: A small sample of product is taken into the sensing chamber for analysis within the sensing head. Abrupt decompression causes dissolved gases to come out of solution. The change in temperature and pressure are accurately measured and compared at the volumes before and after decompression. The device that calculates and displays the concentration of dissolve gas.


Benefits: Very accurate, Reliable, CIP Cleanable, Easy Maintenance

Carbotec TR-PT

In-line instruments for measuring the concentration of dissolved gas in solution

Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Carbonation Monitoring Instruments

Technical Specifications


CARBOTEC TR-PT (UK).pdf CARBOTEC_Food and Beverage.pdf

Applications for CARBOTEC in Beverage Making

CO2 in Beverages


Inline Drinks Carbonation Analysers & Process Controllers