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Gas Injection - Aeration, Carbonation and Nitrogenation

Vortex Nozzles

Gas Injection







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CO2 + Blend

Systems for Injecting & Dissolving Gases into Liquids

Inline Carbonation, Nitrogenation & Oxygenation of Liquids

Beers, Stout, Cider, Soft Drinks, Water and a lot more

Centec’s team of specialist process engineers, automation experts and brew masters have immense experience and knowledge of gas injection systems, especially the carbonation and nitrogenation of drinks. Centec developed their Vortex Injector nozzles, control systems and sensing instruments specially for these applications.

In brewing and other biotech systems the correct oxygen content is essential for the health of the yeast or bacteria during their aerobic phases. Centec OSS systems and Oxytrans oxygen sensors ensure brewer’s wort is correctly oxygenated for reliable fermentation results. The same applies for other bio-process applications.

CO2 Carbonation is applied to millions of litres of different beers, ciders, soft drinks and mineral waters everyday.  The creamy head on many well known stouts and beers is produced by nitrogenation. Nitrogen gas forms much smaller bubbles than carbon dioxide which results in the more stabilise head matrix. Centec are experts in both carbonation and nitrogenation.

Many processors want to blend and dilute a concentrate with water and also carbonate at the same time. A Centec HGB-CDS CarboBlender accurately performs both operations with superb efficiency. High precision Centec instruments are used to accurately control the density (Rhotec) or concentration and the dissolved CO2 content (Carbotec).


A Centec NDS Nitrogenator

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