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Speedy Breedy - The Microbial Respirometer

Rapid Contamination Testing for Bacteria and Yeasts  

Fast Inspection for E.coli, Coliforms and Micro-organisms

Portable, Faster and Easier than Agar Plates

Wild Yeast Detection in Breweries

Gamma irradiated test vessel, with culture media capsules

Description: Two chamber microbial respirometer for monitoring and detecting bacteria and yeasts. Run one or two separate tests or one with a control.

Operation: Single (test versus control or aerobic plus anaerobic), or dual sample.

Selective Media options for test vessels:

BAC020: Empty (for customer’s own test media)

BAC021: General Sterility/Contamination test (TSB)*

BAC022: Coliforms and E.coli (MacConkey's)

BAC023: Pseudomonas aeruginosa

BAC024: Enterococci and Streptococci (Azide Dextrose)

BAC025: Enterococci (EVA)

BAC026: Wild Yeasts

BAC027: All Yeasts

BAC028: Salmonella species

BAC029: Listeria species

BAC030: Staphylococcus species

BAC031: Vibrio species

BAC032: Clostridium perfringens

BAC033: Lactic Acid Bacteria

*Speedy Breedy is supplied with eight vessels for General Contamination testing

For more detailed information read our specific lab test memos >

Liquid capacity per test vessel: 50 ml. Sealed, Sterile and Gamma irradiated.

Construction: Robust transparent plastic, disposable after autoclaving or similar.

Temperature range: (14°C to 45°C). May differ under some ambient conditions.

Agitator: Magnetic Drive, Variable Speed

Power supply: 12V DC. Mains transformer supplied as standard. (12V DC car adaptor as option)

Interface: PC Software and USB cable provided. Required or initial set-up and to display live tests and download/sync/save results. Customers can easily create and run their own custom test protocols.

Test results: Recorded automatically on an SD Memory Card (supplied). Results are downloadable to a PC.

Dimensions: 310 x 115 x 140 mm, Weight: 3 kg (empty)


by Bactest Ltd - Made in England

CYTOMAIA is a patented new technology developed by Bactest Ltd. to simplify and improve the detection and monitoring of micro-organisms. Contamination of Water, Drinks and Food by micro-organisms is a continuous and serious risk. Public health and consumer safety are of the highest priority. Constant vigilance and sometimes a rapid response is required. There are numerous applications throughout industry, research, bio-processing, transport, healthcare, etc.

Launched in October 2012, Speedy Breedy wins awards:

Product quality inspection is an essential but time-consuming task, often requiring specialist skills in well equipped and approved laboratories. Traditional agar plating is well proven and trusted but it can be slow, sometimes taking several days to produce results. In our modern fast moving world this can present a significant risk, especially for processors and retailers in a complex supply chain. Quick information is essential, fast reaction can be critical!      

Speedy Breedy is a portable device for use in the field or as a bench-top laboratory instrument. Using the CYTOMAIA process, Speedy Breedy very accurately and quickly measures the respiration gas pressure of various bacteria and yeasts in sealed pre-sterilised 50 ml test vessels. Incubation conditions are closely controlled by using a range general or selective culture media, adjustable temperature management (5°C below ambient to 45°C) and variable speed agitation.

Test protocols and results data are stored on a SD card in Speedy Breedy which operates as a stand alone device. USB connection to a PC quickly displays live tests and historical results, as well as data download facilities. For busy people, Speedy Breedy can be set to automatically alert users by email if microbial activity is detected.

 Speedy Breedy can detect aerobes and facultative anaerobes (e.g. E.Coli) and requires no special skills. After basic training virtually anybody can test a sample.

Summary from independent testing at Campden BRI:

In most cases Speedy Breedy allowed a more rapid detection than traditional agar plate based methods. This was found to be particularly advantageous for the detection of anaerobic lactic acid bacteria where detection was achieved in under 2 days (at a concentration of ~2,000 cells/ml), compared to 5-7 days …

Please note, while a positive result in either a general or a selective test indicates microbial contamination, a negative ‘no event’ outcome cannot be considered as absolute proof of sterility. Unfortunately it is often impossible to prove a negative.

Technical Specifications & Test Vessel Range


Speedy Breedy  - The  Microbial Respirometer

 CYTOMAIA - New Patented British Technology

Any bacteria or yeasts, alive and breathing in the test sample will be detected! There’s no escape!

Typical data from a positive 48 hour selective test for E.Coli as displayed on a PC

Campden_BRI_Brewing_Report (PS-05-14).pdf

Campden BRI Assessment Report Speedy Breedy for Brewery Contamination Detection

Test Vessels for Speedy Breedy (PSL05-14).pdf

Test Vessel Range

Applications, Lab Test Reports & Successes

Check your own products or ingredients for contamination before other people do!

West_Beer_SpeedyBreedy_Story.pdf Pastures_Moo_and_Speedy_Breedy.pdf

Brewery Success Story

Ice Cream Success Story

Applications & Lab Test Reports

Speedy Breedy has been third party tested to prove its credentials:

Addenbrookes Hospital

Ipswich NHS Hospital

Surrey Diagnostics

By Campden BRI: