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Accurate Measurement of Molecular Oxygen

In-Line Process Sensors & Portable Instruments

Dissolved Oxygen ‘DO’ in liquids 1 ppb to 50 ppm

Oxygen in Mixed Gases

Oxytrans TR

Oxytrans TR-W

Measuring range:

There are two types of optical sensing window. Type I = low range; Type II = high range


Operating Temperature:

Standard: -5°C to +55°C;

High Temperature version: -5°C to +98°C (for condensate applications)

Temperature resistance: up to max 130°C (266°F) for hot CIP, SIP etc. (Avoid chlorine and oxidizing cl- ions).

Temperature compensation: PT 100


Pressure range: up to 12 bar g. Max.

Process connections: TR models: Varivent© Clamp - DN40 (1.5") - DN150 (6");

Ingold Dn25, DIN, ANSI and others on request

Materials in product contact: 1.4404 (316L) s/steel, Silicone, PTFE. US FDA conforming

Wetted Surface finish: Standard: <ca. 0.8 μm Ra; Polished option: <0.5 μm Ra + EP

For non-standard applications other materials are available on request.

Electrical Supply: TR models: 24 V DC 1.5 amp

Enclosure: IP 65.

Case material: Aluminium (epoxy power coated);

Option for TR models: Polished stainless steel.

OXYTRANS by Centec GmbH

Highly accurate continuous dissolved oxygen measuring instruments, manufactured in Germany

Applications: Analysis of dissolved oxygen levels in liquids and O2 percentages in mixed gases.

Used for hygienic, sterile and industrial processes. e.g. water, DAL, beer, cider, wine, soft drinks, mineral water, vinegar, wort, CO2 from fermenters,  boiler condensate and many more…

Install as:

Operating principle:  Optical luminescence, quenched by molecular oxygen.

The sensing surface is the small black dot in the centre of the picture on the left

Benefits: Very accurate, Reliable,  Long operating life, Easy maintenance, CIP Cleanable.

No electrolyte or permeable membranes to replace.

Oxytrans TR

In-line instruments for continuous and accurate measurement of oxygen levels inside a process vessel or pipe. The sensors is cleaned as part of a standard CIP clean with dilute NaOH

Oxytrans TR-W

In-line instruments as Oxytrans TR, with the added ability to retract the sensor probe, either pneumatically or manually, without disrupting the process operation. This can be done during aggressive chemical sanitization e.g. with ‘hypo’. When retracted the probe can be cleaned in place.

Oxytrans M

Extremely portable yet highly accurate robust hand-held instruments (weight: 1.8 kg). Oxytrans M can quickly and easily take single readings or it can be set-up to automatically take up to 5000 data readings at intervals from 1 to 600 seconds. High capacity rechargeable battery included.

Inline & Hygienic Dissolved Oxygen Sensors & Process DO Analysers

High Accuracy O2 content monitoring in Water, Liquids and Mixed Gases

Technical Specifications


OXYTRANS (UK).pdf O2 Measurement in Food and Beverage Manufacturing.pdf

Oxygen in Beverage Production

O2 Measurement in Boiler Water.pdf

Oxygen Measurement for Boiler Feed Water  

OXYTRANS_Pure Gases.pdf

Oxygen Measurement in Gases OXYTRANS


Series Brochure

Oxygen Sensors for Process & Brewery Applications

Application Examples for Oxygen Measurement

Optical O2 Sensing Window

(the small black dot in the middle)

In liquids:

  • Low (Type I): 1 ppb - 2 ppm
  • High (Type II): 50 ppb - 50 ppm

In gases:

  • Low (Type I): 0 - 4.2% oxygen
  • High (Type II):  0 - 50% oxygen

Oxytrans M

Oxytrans M (portable)