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Flash Pasteurisation & Liquid Heat Treatment

Flash Pasteurisation

Micro-biological security is of the highest priority where water and food are available for the harbouring and growth of micro-organisms. Pasteurisation is commonly used for many food, dairy and beverage products to reduce the number of potentially viable pathogens to a safe level, whereas sterilisation is necessary to achieve a total kill. Process systems must be designed hygienically so that effective cleaning is achieved and maintained. Heat treatment systems ensure that sufficient heat is applied to ‘at-risk’ products for sufficient time to achieve effective pasteurisation or sterilisation as required.

The characteristics of liquids products vary greatly. They can behave quite differently when heating and cooling processes are applied to them.  Factors such as product viscosity, rheology, solids content, solidification temperature, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, protein, sugar and starch contents, shear sensitivity, colour change and other factors all have to considered when designing pasteurisation or sterilisation systems.



A small FlashPasto system

Regeneration (Heat Recovery)

The energy required to heat and cool liquids can be significant. Efficient utilisation is essential to reduce fuel & electricity consumption and the minimise running costs. Centec FPS flash pasteurisation systems often achieve a regeneration performance of more than 90%, especially on larger system for beverages and water like products. Higher performance can be obtained in many cases where the client is prepared to invest a little more in heat exchange equipment. Each system is specially designed.        


FlashPasto Brochure