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Oxygen Dissolved in Liquids and in Mixed Gases

Fluid Concentration Analysers

Instrumentation for Industry, Chemicals & Energy Generation

Bacteria Contamination Testing of Metalworking Fluids

Concentration Analysers for Acids, Bases and Solutions

In-line Oxygen Monitoring


Centec robust  process instruments accurately determine the concentration of liquids flowing in a pipe or process using high precision density and sound velocity measurement. Analogue 4-20 mA and Digital I/O signals can be used for process control and continuous product inspection. Construction materials include 316L, Hastelloy, Tantalum. Monel and others, making Centec ideal for aggressive acids and alkalies, such as offset plate etching and liquids blending duties, while ATEX certification suits explosion risk environments and distillation processes.


Dissolved oxygen in process water and liquid products can affect product quality, increase microbial activity and in inks and paints reduce performance.  The Oxytrans accurately measures dissolved oxygen levels in water and many liquids and in mixed gases. Oxygen in boiler feed water can accelerate expensive corrosion.

CENTEC SONATEC TR very accurately measure the speed of ultrasound through a liquid, which correlates to solution concentration. It mounts in-line for fast response and easy cleaning. Data can be display in a number of concentration units of measure. The concentration of solutions displayed on the sensor and an a 4-20mA analogue output. SONATEC TR can be used for fluid ‘interface’ detection in a pipe, between product and water for example. Digital contacts can be configured to operate at High and Low level set-points to automate the operation of others devices or alarm signals.

SONATEC HW like SONATEC TR also measures ultrasound velocity through liquids. The HW is mounted into the wall of a vessel making it ideal for monitoring a process such as evaporation or batch dilution. A CIP spray nozzle and sample point are offered as an option, especially useful for polymer evaporation and reactor applications.

CENTEC RHOTEC TR - An on-line device for accurately determining liquid product concentration by density measurement. It monitors small changes in the high frequency oscillation of a U tube through which the liquids flows. This instrument is extremely accurate and can operate continuously on vast range of liquids from simple solutions to complex mixtures or aggressive media.

CENTEC TR Transmitters are used on Centec sensors. The robust IP65 housing contains electronics to receive data from the sensor transducers and process it into useful information for local display or transmission as both analogue and digital I/O for communication with process control systems and other devices. TR Transmitters are stand alone 24V devices which are programmable for a large number of products, each with it’s own unique analogue and digital I/O signal configuration. Profibus DP is also available. Products can be selected automatically by digital binary inputs from a control system. Transmitter housings are available in powder coated aluminium or polished stainless to suit customer specific requirements.

Instrumentation for Accurate Liquids Concentration Control & Oxygen Monitoring

CENTEC OXYTRANS use optical luminescence to measure oxygen down to 1 pbb, dissolved in numerous liquids and in mixed gases.

- Oxytrans TR is mounted in-line for fast response and excellent cleanability, even up to 130°C

- Oxytrans TR-W also mounts in-line, but TR-W includes a manual or pneumatic retraction feature for very aggressive sanitization with ‘hypo’ or Ozone for example. It also enables fast maintenance

- Oxytrans M is a rechargeable digital portable oxygen meter with a high capacity datalogging facility.

CentecGmbH_leaflet_Chemistry.pdf RHOTEC_Acid Concentration.pdf RHOTEC_Caustic Concentration.pdf RHOTEC_Semiconductor Manufacturing.pdf SONATEC_Acid Concentration.pdf SONATEC_Caustic Concentration.pdf

Acid Concentration Measurement by Density

Acid Concentration Measurement by Sound Velocity

Caustic Concentration Measurement by Density

Semi Conductor Hydrofluoric Acid Measurement

Caustic Concentration Measurement by Sound Velocity

RHOTEC_Offset Printing.pdf

Acid Measurement for Offset Printing Plate Production  

CH4O and CH2O Measurement in Formaldehyde Production  

Concentration Measurement of Methanol and Formaldehyde.pdf O2 Measurement in Boiler Water.pdf

Oxygen Measurement for Boiler Feed Water  

Concentration Measurement of H3BO3 in Nuclear Power Plants.pdf

Boric acid (H3BO3) Measurement for Nuclear Fission Control  


Centec System & Sensors for Chemicals

Centec System & Sensors in Energy Generation

Speedy Breedy


Speedy Breedy

Water used as a coolant in many metalworking fluids ‘SUDS’ presents potentially serious health risks. When contaminated by bacteria, the likelihood of asthma, respiratory disease, dermatitis and skin infections are greatly increased. HSE Guidelines recommend employers to inspect their cutting fluids regularly.

Speedy Breedy - A new portable device can quickly detect and quantify bacterial and fungal contamination in liquids. This easy to use instrument accurately measures and analyses the microbial respiration of a 50 ml sample inside a small sealed test vessel, under closely controlled conditions  Live test results can be displayed and stored on a PC. With minimal training most people can quickly learn to run a test and interpret the results.

Depending on the degree of contamination Speedy Breedy can provide early warning of infection in just a few hours.  Speedy Breedy is easy, quick and available 24/7. It is Significantly faster and more pro-active than traditional agar plates, with no need to wait for lab results. Testing for ‘General Contamination’ or for a range specific bacteria is achievable using vessels pre-filled with selective growth capsules.

Rapid Bacteria Contamination Testing of Metal Working Fluids

Oxytrans TR-W


Oxytrans M


Oxytrans TR

In-Line Sensor

Sonatec HW

Vessel Sensor

Sonatec TR

In-Line Sensor

Rhotec TR

On-Line Sensor

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DAL & Deaeration DAL & Deaeration

CENTEC produce a range of automated process skids for water purification, water deaeration, liquids blending and CIP. They are pre-assembled in Centec’s factory for quick on site installation and commissioning.

Centec Automated Water Deaeration Systems  

Polypropylene non-metal saltwater deaerator

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