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Speedy Breedy - The Microbial Respirometer

Rapid Contamination Testing for Various Bacteria and Yeasts  

Fast Water Inspection for E.coli, Coliforms and Micro-organisms

Portable, Faster and Easier than Agar Plates

Check Yeast Health and Wild Yeast Contamination

Test Vessels Pre-filled with Selective Media Capsules are currently available as follows:

BAC020: Empty (for customer’s own test media)

BAC021: General Sterility/Contamination test (TSB)*

BAC022: Coliforms and E.coli (MacConkey's)

BAC023: Pseudomonas aeruginosa

BAC024: Enterococci and Streptococci (Azide Dextrose)

BAC025: Enterococci (EVA)

BAC026: Wild Yeasts

BAC027: All Yeasts

BAC028: Salmonella species

BAC029: Listeria species

BAC030: Staphylococcus species

BAC031: Vibrio species

BAC032: Clostridium perfringens

BAC033: Lactic Acid Bacteria

Speedy Breedy Test Vessels

Speedy Breedy  - A  Microbial Respirometer

New Patented British Technology - CYTOMAIA


Speedy Breedy Test Sterile Vessel Speedy Breedy with test vessel Speedy Breedy Microbial Contamination Test Equipment Test Vessels for Speedy Breedy (PSL05-14).pdf

Test Vessel Range

Supporting Information about Specific Microbiology Tests are available as follows:

Click on a link to download the .pdf

Laboratory Memos for Specific Organisms

Lactic Acid Bacteria Detection

Lab Memo 24 Lactic Acid Bacteria (PSL).pdf Raw orange juice.pdf

Raw Orange Juice Test Report

Ice Cream Summary report.pdf milk.pdf

Food Summary

Ice Cream Report

Milk Report

Meat, Orange juice, milk Summary report.pdf raw meat.pdf

Raw Meat Report

Campden_BRI_Brewing_Report (PS-05-14).pdf

Campden BRI Assessment Report

Trial 1 'Comparison of Speedy Breedy and a conventional technique for the detection of Escherichia coli in dried herbs'Nov 2012.pdf

Dried Herbs


Ipswich Hospital Infection Control

Helpful notes about specific applications for Speedy Breedy:

Click on a link to download the .pdf

Speedy Breedy Application Notes

West_Beer_SpeedyBreedy_Story.pdf Pastures_Moo_and_Speedy_Breedy.pdf

Brewery Success Story

Ice Cream Success Story

Speedy Breedy has been third party tested to prove its credentials:

Addenbrookes Hospital

Ipswich NHS Hospital

Surrey Diagnostics

By Campden BRI:

Third Party Test Reports

Video & Learning

Still not sure?

Trial units are normally available for testing by potential customers


Tel +44 (0)1206 211 921

Introduction to Speedy Breedy